How to Convince your Parents for a Love Marriage

If you’ve been following Love in India’s secret messages for some time, you’d know that we’ve already talked about inter-caste marriages and inter-religion marriages. I thought I’d put my idea together.

#1. Convince your parents of your love marriage by making them fulfill with him/her: to convincing your parents of a love marriage The first important step is making your girlfriend/boyfriend is met by them. Do go into any discussions with them before getting them meet with your special someone. The aim of this assembly is to create to your own parents what a perfect husband/wife he/she will make for you. I’m merely emphasizing which they should place their best feet forward when they fulfill them).

At the conclusion of the day, your parents want your happiness. If you can use this assembly to impress upon them that he/she’s a great match for you, it’ll be easy for you to convince them of a love marriage with him/her.

#2. Convince your parents of your love marriage by creating a relationship that is reciprocal: An even better thing to do, however, is to introduce your girl/man to your parents as a pal of yours, at least a year before you plan to marry. Help them know each other and familiarize with each other. Afterward, when you bring up the question of the union, you’re talking about someone they know very well. Consequently convincing your parents of a love marriage with the man they understand so well and for so long would not be much more difficult.

#3. Don’t also forget to throw in a couple of examples of folks you know whose marriages were organized and have turned out to be sad. 😉 Cite these instances, saying how being in a relationship with someone for some time before union is crucial to judging thus, to making an improved opportunity for having a happy life and shared compatibility together. Which brings me to the most important point…

#4. Convince your parents of your love marriage by compatibility: Explain to your own parents the need for mutual compatibility and understanding in a marriage, which necessarily needs to be gauged (to the extent possible) before taking the ultimate decision. Compatibility goes considerably beyond horoscopes castes, food habits, family foundation and monetary capacity. It depends attitude towards the relationship etc., on character types, beliefs, likes and dislikes And no, the modern arranged marriage which calls for spending dating each other next and fixing the date of the union first doesn’t count. If that conclusion has already been taken, any quantity of imaginary relationship doesn’t count.

#5. Convince your parents of your love marriage mentioning psychological needs that are mutual that are critical: Different individuals have different psychological needs . It takes some time to estimate whether a person’s psychological demands are likely to be satisfied by another person. In an arranged union context, there’s no way of knowing this, since the degree of emotional intimacy that is required before someone can learn not or if their needs are satisfied by the other, is not possible to achieve such a union. You need to make this is seen by them so that you can convince your parents of your love marriage.

A friend of mine proved to be a free thinking amorous ball of fire before the union. She happened to have her marriage organized to a fiscally well-established, dependable but fairly practical and unromantic man six years her senior. Soon after the marriage it became evident that if he chalked, she would be cheese. No wonder she totally transformed as an individual, shot herself and is living in a mental prison ever since. Do your parents desire that for you? I’m certainly not.

#6. Convince your parents of your inter -caste love marriage: Of course, in certain Indian families the hardest of unions to earn a parental thumbs up on is an inter-caste marriage. Along with all of the most common challenges of convincing your parents of a love marriage to the girl/guy of your choice, this once comes using its set of hurdles – like age old traditions, strong stereotypes held by a lot of people, and most importantly, your parents’ fear of social ostracism should they allow you to marry someone from an alternative cast (especially, a so-called “lower” one).

It’s not simple, to say the least.

Below are some tips and strategies thousands have profited from, which you can also use to deal with the situation:

However, what will happen if your parents just won’t give in to your own tricks and strategies and are not docile?

Perhaps you have tried to convince your parents of your love marriage to your own boyfriend/girlfriend? What was the experience like?